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About Ipnostudio



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Hi and welcome to The Hypnotism Weekly, I’m Andrea Hypno.


I’m very pleased to meet you. I’m from Italy even if I write in English so be patient if sometimes I make some errors and if you find some and let me know I’ll happily correct them.


I’m writing this blog for a simple reason: being of help for as many human beings as I can. On my practice I can help a certain amount of people but using the net the reach is clearly bigger. In the field of Personal Development there is a lot of misunderstanding and unneeded complications, I try to keep everything simple and to the point. I try to write as I’d like to read, so to speak.


Also I’ve been really helped by some Personal Development authors and this is a way to give something back though I must admit my biggest reward is when someone drops me a line saying that I’ve been useful.


The main way to help others at The Hypnotism Weekly is providing sound information with a personal angle through articles on the various aspects of Personal Development and especially Hypnosis. Sharing the knowledge and keeping things simple so that everyone can use the notions as soon as possible to get a better life. Knowledge is Power in every field of life. Clearly if someone needs something more we can arrange for one to one consultations through the Contact Page. Also don’t forget that every email subscriber has a 50 % discount on private consultations.



I can talk about all this because I’m a certified Hypnotherapist and Stress Manager with a strong and deep passion for Self Improvement. It all started because I wasn’t really happy about my life and about my character and after having read almost every book around on Personal Development I understood that my way was with Hypnosis. That’s why I became a trained Hypnotist, another name for Hypnotherapist.


In my opinion, based on facts anyway, knowing how to hypnotize yourself is the best thing you can learn to change your life. Hypnosis provides a fast and reliable way to provoke permanent changes in your mind which then if needed can turn also in changes within your body. Self Hypnosis isn’t difficult, it just requires a bit of knowledge and commitment. Without commitment you go nowhere but if you really want to change your life and improve being committed is automatic. If you are at risk of drowning then being committed to learning to swim is pretty much obvious and easy, right?


My own approach to Self Hypnosis and the whole Personal Development field is to keep things as simple as possible and avoid using that pompous and complicated stuff so common today. I’ll tell you plain and simple my take on things and I’ll try to say things as they are. I’m not a Self Improvement Guru and I’ll never want to be one.


Control your mind, use your mind and your life will change, as you want to.


In other words you can arrive where you want to go following the right trail.


Now, if you have other questions feel free to drop me a line, either with a comment or through the Contact page. I always like to hear your opinion and I would really love to know what do you think about The Hypnotism Weekly and what kind of articles you would like to read.


I’m happy to know you and I hope we’ll keep in touch for a long time. Please find the time to leave a comment, whether positive or not, as I really like to know your opinion. Thanks.


  • Disclaimer: Information and articles on this website are for informational purposes only. In any case you should check with your doctor or another relevant professional before following any advice found on my articles.


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  • Affiliate links: sometimes I promote products I use or used and which I find worthy so please consider all links going out from this blog as affiliate links so everyone is happy. At the end it doesn’t change anything if a link is an affiliate one or not.


Now, have a look around and leave a much appreciated comment where you like.


Andrea Hypno


Wait! I forgot to explain about the Robin I use as an avatar. I use that little Robin for three reasons: the first one is that the Robin has always been a kind of lucky charm for me and it reminds me of my childhood; the second one is that I used it when I begun writing online for the first time so I’m also attached to it; and third because for Privacy reasons I prefer to keep divided my online life and my real life as not all clients are happy about everyone knowing they see a Hypnotherapist.


03/23/2012 Update

I’ve been featured on SpinSucks Follow Friday post, one of the best blogs on Public Relations and Social Media around run by the amazing Gini Dietrich. Have a look there, if you like. It’s full of smart people and really a very interesting and friendly place.