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Change Your Mind and You Will Change Your Life


Don’t read this if you like your life as it is now!


But if you don’t read on and maybe you’ll find enough inspiration to give it a twist and change it to the life of your dreams  Because sometimes dreams come true if you believe it can happen and use your mind accordingly.


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If you change your mind you’ll be able to change your life as You want.


If you have to Change You Life try this:


  • Imagine if you could have the life you want.  


  • Imagine if you could be the person you want.  


  • Imagine if you could have the tools you need to take the life you have now and transform it in the life you want to live.  


  • Imagine if you could take yourself as you are now and transform into a new you, the You you want to be.  


  • Imagine if you already had the most important tool of all and you just needed to use it well.  


  • Imagine if you just needed your mind, because that’s the truth.  


  • Imagine if to change your life you just had to change your mind.


  • Imagine it because it’s true.


Pick someone, whoever he or she is, who in your opinion lives a successful and fulfilling life, a life worth living. He or she will have certain specific traits, a singer for example will have a nice voice, but the common trait to everyone is that they use efficiently their mind, and willpower, to achieve results, to fulfill their dreams and make them true.


Think about Lady Gaga for example. Is her success due to her voice or nice songs or her mind and her more or less total dedication to reach success? I’m sure you agree that it’s at least 50 percent due to her mind. She wanted to succeed and she got it.  


Think about Silvester Stallone. He was born with injured muscles on his face yet he hunted down success until he got it training his face to move better and sticking to his wish until it became reality and Rocky was made. In this case you surely agree that his mind played the bigger part in his quest to succeed.  


Think about yourself doing the same.


The point is that whatever your personal traits with your mind you can achieve your goals, have a better life and become a better you.


The goal of Ipnostudio is to show you how. Hypnosis is the main tool I use for its effectiveness and fast, long-lasting results but I also write on general Personal Development and I try to inspire you to see things differently and to demonstrate that once your mind works as you want results will come almost effortlessly.


This website is a business but honestly money doesn’t come first. Yes, you’ll see some ads and some affiliate products plus my own but the real goal is to help you to have a life as near as possible to your own perfect one.


Why? Because this fulfills my own life. I take an immense pride in being able to help others, it makes me feel very, very good and this is why I write on IpnoStudio even if Google doesn’t like me that much and makes it harder every day for readers to find my website.


I care about it only because it prevents me from easily find those readers like you who might be helped by my articles. This is why subscribing for updates and sharing content with your friends is so important, you help me to keep this website alive. You help me to show that it’s a definite truth that if you can change your mind then you can and will change your life.


Now you can have a look around and see if you find what you need, if not drop me a line through the Contact page and I’ll do my best to help you with a relevant article. On every page there is a link to the most recent and best articles plus a search box. If that is not enough go to the Archive page where you can find by date every post written here.


Suscribe for updates and share this page and others as much as you can. This way you personally help me to reach as much people as possible. If you like what I write obviously.  


Glad you came here!


Andrea Hypno


Have you ever read Jonathan Livingston Seagull? You should because it’s one of the most important books for everyone who wants to have a better life. There is a price to pay to change your life but the reward is immense. You can’t pretend to fly high for free right?

You’ll notice there is no affiliate link to Amazon to buy this book, as I said above I don’t do this just for the money. icon smile Change Your Mind and You Will Change Your Life


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